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Sejasmi Industries (INDIA) Pvt. Ltd. is a global die casting company with over 30 years experience implementing innovative processes and operational efficiencies to deliver the cost-effective quality standards expected from our diverse products.

Industries is committed to customer satisfaction by applying leading technologies and sound business practices to optimize our manufacturing environment. Whether our customers are Original Equipment Manufacturers or After Market Suppliers, Sejasmi Industries maintains the expertise and manufacturing capabilities to fulfill their just-in-time requirements.


  • Ahmedabad, Gujarat India
  • 125,000 Sq. Ft. –
  • Capabilities
    • Casting Processes
      • High Pressure
      • Gravity Casting
    • Value Add
      • Machining
  • In house Manufacturing Facility
  • Complete In – House Process
  • Complete Full Scale Inspection Equipment On-site


High Pressure Die Casting Machines
Gravity Die Casting
Heat Treatment
Tool & Die Shop
Quality Inspection Equipment
CAD/CAM/FEA Engineering Capablities


Our state-of-the-art Manufacturing Operations has been designed to provide complete in-line process capabilities for any of our customer’s aluminum die casting requirements. Our 125,000 sq. ft. facility is located in Chatral, Gujarat, India.

Memberships / Affiliations


Testing Facilities

batch inspection

Complete in-house in-line and batch inspection equipment


X-rays castings to detect any shrinkage and/or porosity

Elongation Testing

Analyzes complete yield performance of castings

Spectro Analysis

Measures material composition and make up

Tensile Testing

Confirms casting strength requirements after heat treatment process

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